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Plekanec’s agent is playing Gauthier

Apparently, Gauthier and Plekanec’s agent have broken off contract talks, and won’t resume them until the end of the season so as to avoid becoming a distraction.

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Morning Roundup – Wed. March 17 2010

  • Robert L from Habs Eyes on the Prize Habs on right track
  • Is it time for us to start looking ahead in the standings, not behind?
  • Tomas Plekanec shows last night why he’s worth re-signing. Intelligent, diligent player at both ends of the ice. These kinds of goals aren’t sexy, but they are vitally important in four-point games with teams chasing us in the standings.

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Morning Roundup – Tuesday March 2 2010

Meet the new GM, same as the old GM

The good news: Pierre Gauthier met with Plekanec’s agent to talk about Pleks’s future in Montreal.

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Trade freeze ends at midnight

Less than four hours until the trade freeze is lifted and NHL teams are free to wheel and deal until 3:00 pm on March 3.

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