At least we have Kirk

Yes, our Montreal Canadiens are mired in mediocrity. Have been for over a decade. We can’t hit, skate, score, or keep the damn puck out of our own net (details, I know). But in this time of despair, at least we have the specimen that is Kirk Muller to keep us warm on those lonely nights at sea. Is it wrong to want your team to take more penalties just so the camera pans to the bench and you get a glimpse of Captain Kirk? Kidding, kidding … mostly.

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Morning Roundup – Wednesday March 3 2010

According to Lyle Richardson, the Habs are shopping Paul Mara. The market for horrendous, lumbering, slow, soon-to-be UFA defensemen? Not so strong, I’d imagine.

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D’Agostini traded to the Blues

Details here.

Meh. A marginal NHL player flipped for a second-rounder who has yet to play a minute in the NHL. Call it cutting our losses and move on.

Morning Roundup – Tuesday March 2 2010

Game on tonight against the Bruins

So, which team do we see? The miserable unit that can’t go one shift without turning the puck over five times? Or the rarely glimpsed squad that posted decisive victories over the Devils, Penguins, and Capitals?

Carey Price gets the start in goal, with Pouliot and A. Kostitsyn back in the fold. Tentative practice lines from last week had Gomez centering Gionta and Pouliot, and Plekanec between the Kostitsyn brothers. Which, mercifully, means we won’t have to see Darche and Moen try to impersonate top-six forwards.

Meet the new GM, same as the old GM

The good news: Pierre Gauthier met with Plekanec’s agent to talk about Pleks’s future in Montreal.

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No fighting? No problem.

No fighting at the Olympics, yet somehow the world hasn’t collapsed.

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