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Worst NHL Jerseys

Yikes. Here are my top 5 worst:

#5 Florida Panthers This logo looks like a children’s book illustration in the eighties. I can’t even describe the background colour. Let’s go with fluorescent peach. I think I may have seen it in chiffon once.

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Best NHL Jerseys

Just because I’m a Habs fan doesn’t mean I enjoy sports graphics, or would ever don a Habs jersey, t-shirt, what have you (outside of an arena, that is). The aesthetics of hockey (of sports for that matter) are unfortunate. Still, some jerseys are better than others. Here are my top 5 NHL jerseys/ team logos:

#5 Edmonton Oilers: Great colour contrast. Who would have thought blue and brown would work?  Simple and understated. I love the not-too-overdone 70’s feel.

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No Dorkery Like Habs Fan Dorkery

Yikes. Happy cringing.

Safe is Death

Now that we’ve given up yet another short-handed goal, Martin will probably put Hal Gill on the PP point again so he can take another holding penalty.

John Tortorella used to have the words ‘Safe is death’ written in the Tampa Bay Lightning dressing room. If that’s the case, then Jacques Martin is already dead, because his style of coaching personifies safety over aggression, playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

Do you want to bet that in a third period when we’re down by three goals, we will not, I repeat, not outshoot the opposition? That would require activating our defensemen on the rush and to keep the play alive in the zone instead of backing off the blue line and killing any offensive-zone momentum we’ve managed to generate.