Morning Roundup – Thursday March 18 2010

What’s a Thursday without a Habs game lined up in the evening? Empty, that’s what. On the positive side, the time off gives all the teams with games in hand the chance to play out some of those games, so we can get a more accurate idea of our playoff position by the time we face the Leafs on Saturday night.

A quick look at tonight’s hockey schedule tells me that I’ll be cheering for the Penguins, Thrashers, and Stars. In the mean time:

  • TSN’s Darren Dreger says that the NHL wants to find a way to implement the new blindside hit rule before the end of the current season.
  • Guy Carbonneau talks about getting fired and what he’s up to these days.
  • Moneypuck has a nice blog post on Marc-André Bergeron’s statistical impact on the team.
  • For a bit of history, check out this piece on the Richard Riot.

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