Plekanec’s agent is playing Gauthier

Apparently, Gauthier and Plekanec’s agent have broken off contract talks, and won’t resume them until the end of the season so as to avoid becoming a distraction.

All the usual platitudes here. According to his agent, Rick Curran, the talks about re-signing Pleks are “positive” and “going in the right direction.” So if all’s well, why on earth would these talks be a distraction? If Curran really wanted to keep his client in a Habs uni, he’d have hammered out a deal by now so that this ‘distraction’ could be decisively laid to rest before the playoffs.

Don’t be surprised if these gosh-darned wonderful and positive talks take a turn for the worse once the season is over, as Curran suddenly ratchets up the asking price and Gauthier has no leverage because teams aren’t going to deal for the rights to a soon-to-be UFA when they can just wait until July 1 and sign him without sacrificing assets. I’d hoped that Gauthier would have learned from the mistakes of his predecessor, but here we are yet again, the trade deadline past, with a star player playing out the final year of his contract without an extension in hand, and the very real chance that we’ll lose him for nothing in the summer.

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