Morning Roundup – Wed. March 17 2010

  • Robert L from Habs Eyes on the Prize Habs on right track
  • Is it time for us to start looking ahead in the standings, not behind?
  • Tomas Plekanec shows last night why he’s worth re-signing. Intelligent, diligent player at both ends of the ice. These kinds of goals aren’t sexy, but they are vitally important in four-point games with teams chasing us in the standings.

Probably the most satisfying thing about our current win streak? We aren’t relying on the goalie to save the day game in and game out, and that, more than anything, may be a sign that this UFA-built team is finally starting to come together as a team. We dominated the Rangers last night, and would probably have won by a larger margin had Lundqvist not been a brick wall for most of the game. This trend goes back to what I said last month about puck possession being more important than raw shot totals. Either the players are finally grasping Martin’s system, or they’re tuning him out and freelancing. It’s too early to tell. One six-game winning streak doesn’t make up for a season of total systems failure. And it’s somewhat of a concern that our top-six forwards haven’t been scoring recently. But doesn’t it feel nice to win games based on team effort, rather than goalie heroics?

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