Best NHL Jerseys

Just because I’m a Habs fan doesn’t mean I enjoy sports graphics, or would ever don a Habs jersey, t-shirt, what have you (outside of an arena, that is). The aesthetics of hockey (of sports for that matter) are unfortunate. Still, some jerseys are better than others. Here are my top 5 NHL jerseys/ team logos:

#5 Edmonton Oilers: Great colour contrast. Who would have thought blue and brown would work?  Simple and understated. I love the not-too-overdone 70’s feel.

#4 St. Lois Blues: Again, simple is best. Yellow piping really brings it all together.

#3 Toronto Maple Leafs: I know, I know, this brings the bile to the tip of your tongue. But the Leafs have damn fine uniforms. Recognizable, simple–no wonder the home jersey’s never been re-designed.

#2 Detroit Red Wings: Nice detail on the wing and wheel, but the logo still manages to be crisp and clean. Pure class.

#1 The Montreal Canadiens: Maybe I’m a little biased. But come on, it’s just so classic. Everything about it screams hockey.

One response to “Best NHL Jerseys

  1. I kinda dig Mcfarlane’s Oilers jersey too;)

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