Morning Roundup – Wednesday March 3 2010

According to Lyle Richardson, the Habs are shopping Paul Mara. The market for horrendous, lumbering, slow, soon-to-be UFA defensemen? Not so strong, I’d imagine.

Additionally, Gauthier is reportedly looking to unload salary. The obvious candidate would be Roman Hamrlik and his $5.5 million per, pro-rated for the current season down to around $1.1 million or so. I could actually see Hamrlik being a good fit for the Ottawa Senators, but I doubt Gauthier makes that deal with a division rival.

On a purely selfish level, I’d love to see Saku Koivu end up on a playoff team with a legitimate chance at the Cup.

The Fourth Period says that Gauthier is looking to add a top-three defenseman before today’s 3:00 pm trade deadline. Not sure how much credence there is to this one. We’ve got very little cap space to work with, even to acquire pro-rated salaries, and experienced blueliners who can play 20 good minutes a night in all situations don’t exactly grow on trees.

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