No fighting? No problem.

No fighting at the Olympics, yet somehow the world hasn’t collapsed.

None of this staged nonsense with two goons squaring off seconds after a face-off, awkwardly flailing about for a minute or two, then spending the requisite five minutes in the box.

We didn’t see fights, thugs, and general brutality. We saw intense, passionate hockey played at an exceptionally high level. We saw underdogs upset superpowers, and countries such as Switzerland serve notice that they’re no longer to be pushed around in Olympic hockey.

Did you miss fighting? Did it detract from your enjoyment of Olympic hockey in any way? If the NHL eliminated fighting, would it cheapen the game?

Ban fighting, outlaw head shots of any kind, and trim the league down to 24 teams, eliminating weak markets like Phoenix, Atlanta, Nashville, Florida, Anaheim, and Tampa Bay. There’s my recipe for improving the quality of NHL hockey.


One response to “No fighting? No problem.

  1. They should change the rules and make wearing skirts mandatory and band the mullet! Oh wait, that sport already exists… it’s call Field Hockey…

    Band fighting? Get rid of the Ducks? wow! You forgot to include the Islanders.

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