Meet the new GM, same as the old GM

The good news: Pierre Gauthier met with Plekanec’s agent to talk about Pleks’s future in Montreal.

The bad news: they decided to wait until after the trade deadline to talk again.

Honestly, folks, we’re going to wait until AFTER THE DEADLINE HAS PASSED to talk about Plekanec’s contract? When we can no longer trade him if his demands are too high? When all we can do if he prices himself out of our range is wait until July 1 and lose him for nothing?

It became crushingly obvious toward the end of Bob Gainey’s tenure as GM that he didn’t know how to manage an NHL team in a post-lockout cap world. Sadly, it looks like Pierre Gauthier isn’t much better. Neither man has any clue about how to be proactive and address issues before they turn into full-blown problems. But never fear. I’m sure that when Pleks walks on July 1, we’ll sign Radek Bonk to a three-year contract at $4 million per, then wonder why we have no cap space to make any significant moves.

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