Pressbox: Mara a ‘good fit’

If pressboxes could talk, that is.

According to Habs I/O, the lines at today’s practice featured Mara as the extra d-man.

Mara has been awful this season, leading the team with a -16 rating. Though plus-minus is a highly flawed individual statistic, and best left unmentioned most of the time, it’s worth noting when a player is at the top or bottom of the stat in a total team context. If you’re on the ice for more even-strength goals against and fewer even-strength goals for than every other member of your team, you’re probably not doing something right in those situations.

I’ve been worried that we’d see Mara resume his normal roster spot as soon as he was healthy, despite his poor play thus far. Hopefully Jacques sticks with his D pairings, keeps a much-improved O’Byrne in the lineup, and leaves Mara in the pressbox until / unless injury strikes.


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