Apparently, this is all Babcock’s fault

At least, according to Damien Cox.

This is a big reach. As if Brodeur had earned any right not to be lambasted by Babcock following the U.S. game. And Babs didn’t even deliver a genuine, Youtube-worthy tirade. This wasn’t Tortorella on Grahame, folks. Babcock, a likeable guy who knows a thing or two about coaching (you might have heard of his NHL team, the Detroit Red Wings), merely said that Canada could have “been better” in the “area” of goaltending.

Well, slap him silly for ludicrously understating the obvious. Brodeur isn’t even mentioned by name, but somehow going back to him later on in the Olympics is no longer an option because his coach correctly pointed out that Canada’s goaltending was subpar? Come on. This isn’t a 20-year-old rookie netminder whose tender little feelings will be crushed beneath the weight of public criticism. This is a man who has broken or is in the process of breaking every goalie stat in the game, a sure-fire Hall of Famer the second he hangs up his skates. He’s a big boy (that’s enough from you, Sean Avery). He can take a little well-deserved criticism. In fact, maybe criticism is just what Brodeur needs to elevate his game, which was sorely lacking when Team Canada needed it most against the U.S.


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