Tough loss, good game

Hard to feel anything but cheated by last night’s result. For roughly 57 minutes, the Canadiens played shutdown hockey, limiting the Sabres to a handful of quality scoring chances.

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Gauthier and Markov talking about contract extension

According to Marc Antoine Godin, a pretty reliable source whose Twitter feeds are worth following.

Morning Roundup – Thursday March 18 2010

What’s a Thursday without a Habs game lined up in the evening? Empty, that’s what. On the positive side, the time off gives all the teams with games in hand the chance to play out some of those games, so we can get a more accurate idea of our playoff position by the time we face the Leafs on Saturday night.

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Plekanec’s agent is playing Gauthier

Apparently, Gauthier and Plekanec’s agent have broken off contract talks, and won’t resume them until the end of the season so as to avoid becoming a distraction.

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Morning Roundup – Wed. March 17 2010

  • Robert L from Habs Eyes on the Prize Habs on right track
  • Is it time for us to start looking ahead in the standings, not behind?
  • Tomas Plekanec shows last night why he’s worth re-signing. Intelligent, diligent player at both ends of the ice. These kinds of goals aren’t sexy, but they are vitally important in four-point games with teams chasing us in the standings.

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Worst NHL Jerseys

Yikes. Here are my top 5 worst:

#5 Florida Panthers This logo looks like a children’s book illustration in the eighties. I can’t even describe the background colour. Let’s go with fluorescent peach. I think I may have seen it in chiffon once.

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Best NHL Jerseys

Just because I’m a Habs fan doesn’t mean I enjoy sports graphics, or would ever don a Habs jersey, t-shirt, what have you (outside of an arena, that is). The aesthetics of hockey (of sports for that matter) are unfortunate. Still, some jerseys are better than others. Here are my top 5 NHL jerseys/ team logos:

#5 Edmonton Oilers: Great colour contrast. Who would have thought blue and brown would work?  Simple and understated. I love the not-too-overdone 70’s feel.

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At least we have Kirk

Yes, our Montreal Canadiens are mired in mediocrity. Have been for over a decade. We can’t hit, skate, score, or keep the damn puck out of our own net (details, I know). But in this time of despair, at least we have the specimen that is Kirk Muller to keep us warm on those lonely nights at sea. Is it wrong to want your team to take more penalties just so the camera pans to the bench and you get a glimpse of Captain Kirk? Kidding, kidding … mostly.

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Morning Roundup – Wednesday March 3 2010

According to Lyle Richardson, the Habs are shopping Paul Mara. The market for horrendous, lumbering, slow, soon-to-be UFA defensemen? Not so strong, I’d imagine.

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D’Agostini traded to the Blues

Details here.

Meh. A marginal NHL player flipped for a second-rounder who has yet to play a minute in the NHL. Call it cutting our losses and move on.